For moderate risk takers: 5 midcap stocks from different sectors with right ratio matrix and upside potential of up to 29%

March was a month where mid-cap were beaten down badly. April till now has shaped up better. Now this flip flop of performance has led to a situation where there is a high probability of investors getting confused about what they should do at this point of time, should one avoid mid-cap space or increase exposure. While it should always be the principle, in times of lack of clarity, buying quality stocks should be basic principles which should guide one’s decision. Especially when one is buying mid-cap stocks. The reason, when valuations are not cheap then small corrections in broader can lead to strong negative reaction in stock prices. Now how does one do it? Look at the underlying business which is best understood by going through its annual report and look at a certain basic ratio in order to figure out how much return that underlying business can generate in best and worst case.

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