Beneficiary of structural changes: 7 mid and smallcap private sector banks with upside potential of up to 46%

Post 2015 and then again in 2018, RBI did a strong rejig in various banking policies, right from capital adequacy to the operational matrix, to loan disbursement mechanism. In sectors like banking when a regulatory rejig takes place, every player has to follow a new set of rules. It is not possible for any entity to escape the regulatory regime. This leads to a situation where entities which are large or are already following best practices are able to make transition to a new regime in a short span of time and are the first one to get rewarded on the street. Others who take time to the follow which normally are smaller or mid sized players tend to get attention later. So, While ICICI and SBI have been in the limelight for a long time, mid and small-sized banks, who took time to clean up their act are likely to get the attention. They have very different hybrid kinds of ownership, a sort of quasi private sector banks. These are private sector banks of mid-sized banks which operate in particular regions.

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